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We don't just say it, we do it!

green-gear-cleanerAt Love Your Gear, we don't just go around saying we are eco-friendly to fit in like many other companies are doing nowadays. We actually go the extra mile and we take great pride in the effort it takes us to remain the leading eco-friendly specialty gear cleaner.

Below you can read about what makes us eco-friendly and why you should choose Love Your Gear if you care for the environment and for your gear.

What makes us Canada's #1 eco-friendly gear cleaner?

Keeping Canada Green
  • We only use eco friendly, biodegradable detergents produced in Canada
  • Eco friendly Compressed ozone cleaning system for optimal smoke, odour and bacteria elimination
  • State of the art closed loop dry cleaning machines using the most eco friendly solvents available
  • Use of water wet washing whenever possible
  • We use low power consumption lighting for increased energy savings
  • All our delivery vehicles are in good working condition and are safety and emissions tested to reduce wear and gas consumption
  • Only using licensed disposal companies with the most environmental friendly methods
  • Purchasing local to support Canadian businesses and to decrease our carbon footprint
  • Implementation of Paperless invoicing, statements and work orders 
  • Building with Windows and southern exposure to take advantage of natural sunlight and heat
  • Our in-house maintenance crew keeps equipment including boiler, washers, dryers, presses and dry cleaning machines in optimal working condition to reduce consumables and decrease carbon footprint
  • Online automated pricing calculators for instant and accurate quoting. Automated online/offline tracking system helps reduce telephone calls and improved productivity. This allows the facility to turn off gas boilers and water use 2 hours earlier, and to pass our savings to our customers while helping our environment
  • Automatic email customer notifications
  • Ongoing training and efforts to reduce emissions and become even more eco-friendly

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  • We will come to your premise & pickup all items weekly.
  • We will clean them & bring them back fresh & clean.