Best Army Surplus Stores in Toronto

The army-inspired look has really become a trend in the past few years. You can hardly walk down a city block without seeing someone wearing camouflage pants or combat boots. Army gear is extremely practical because it’s meant to last in even the toughest weather conditions. We’re glad the look has become fashionable because it’s nice to be warm and comfortable while remaining on trend. Toronto is fortunate to have a number of fantastic army surplus stores. Whether you’re planning on going hunting, getting a new winter parka or just getting a last-minute Halloween costume, here are the best army surplus stores in Toronto:

Camouflage jacket

Wolf Army Surplus Fashion

878 Kingston Road

This spot is a definite go-to for all the east-enders out there. Even though fashion is in the store’s name, they have a vast selection of paintball gear as well camping equipment and survival tools for the adrenaline junkies. You can rest assured they have a variety of army surplus clothing and boots in all shapes and sizes as well.


AAA Army Surplus

199 Baldwin Street

If you’re looking to gear up for winter, head down to AAA Army Surplus. It has been a popular destination in Kensington Market for decades. They have a wide range of surplus to browse through including:

  • puffy parkas
  • thick peacoats
  • waffle knit thermals
  • wool headgear
  • colourful toques

The price is right, you’ll look great and feel great. It’s a win-win!


Nick’s Sport Shop and Central Surplus

579 Yonge Street

This Yonge and Wellesley staple has been supplying loyal customers with clothing, accessories and army-related collectibles since 1961. You can grab a stylish and cozy Alpha Industries bomber jacket as well as some high-quality security equipment. Another bonus is there are almost always deals at Central Surplus. Keep your eyes peeled for bright yellow signs to get a discount on one of the many products you’re sure to pick up.

Bomber jacket

The Little Army Store

50 Northline Road, Unit 5

This “little army store” is small but mighty. For all East York residents looking to stock up on a number of camping accessories including grills, lamps, thermoses and more, this is the place. This warehouse is a neat freak’s dream. All of the products are displayed on racks in a highly organized fashion. They offer traditional uniforms from the Military, Navy, Air Force and Army as well as jackets and other armed forces related memorabilia. If you need a long-lasting backpack to carry groceries, books, or your laptop around, check out the Little Army Store’s vast selection. All of their gear is built to last.

Beavers Surplus Exchange

3269 Dufferin Street

If you don’t find anything you want at Yorkdale Mall, head south on Dufferin and check out Beavers Surplus Exchange. Their specialization is bona fide surplus straight from the Canadian and American militaries. They also buy, sell and trade military gear hence the “Exchange” in their name. If you’re looking to get some cash or store credit for old gear you don’t have a use for anymore bring it on over to Beavers Surplus Exchange.

TNT Surplus Centre

2938 Lake Shore Boulevard

If you’ve been to Etobicoke, you’ll likely remember seeing a massive Canadian flag painted on the side of a building where Islington Avenue and Lake Shore Boulevard intersect. This display of patriotism signifies that you’ve made it to TNT Surplus Centre. It was painted to celebrate the Canadian flag’s 50th birthday. TNT just celebrated its own milestone 60th birthday last year. This classic Etobicoke storefront offers piles of hunting and army surplus and racks of footwear. From rubber boots to coveralls, you’ll definitely find the army merchandise of your dreams here.

Army boots

The products sold at all Army Surplus Stores are built to last. However, in order for them to keep their durability, they must be well-maintained. At Love Your Gear, we are dedicated to ensuring your gear lasts. Whether you’re wearing your parka on the city streets or camping in the woods, we want it to look as good as possible. We offer specialty cleaning services to clean army surplus uniforms, boots and backpacks. To keep your newly acquired gear in tip-top shape for decades to come, contact Love Your Gear today.