Best Sports to Sign Your Child Up For

Fall means back to school and for some children, it means back to sports. It’s no secret that kids have a lot of energy. Why not let your kids expend their energy while learning important teamwork and social skills. They’ll boost their physical health as well as their mental health and likely make some new friends. It also gets them out of the house and allows you, as a parent or guardian, to take a break.

Children should play a variety of sports to figure out which one they like best. There’s a lot of recreational activities out there that have different benefits and will help cultivate different skills. Here are the best sports to sign your child up for:

kids playing sports


Lacrosse is Canada’s other national sport that’s often overlooked. It pales in comparison to the popularity of ice hockey but it’s still a fantastic and fun game. Children will have a blast using lacrosse sticks to try to pick up the ball, catch it from teammates and throw it back and forth. An advantage that lacrosse has over ice hockey is that it requires less equipment than ice hockey. Children will need helmets, gloves, elbow and knees pads and cleats for protection but this about half of the gear required to play hockey. Another benefit is you also won’t have to sit in cold rinks during practices and games.


Whether you call it soccer or football, this is truly the world’s sport and for good reason. You really only need a ball and your feet to play. However, in a formal setting kids will need cleats and pads to protect their shins from bruising. Soccer is a great option for overly active children. Running up and down the long field will cause them to burn a lot of energy. It’ll increase their eye-foot coordination and encourage teamwork by passing the ball to teammates instead of hogging it.

boy playing soccer


“Fall ball” is a great way to introduce your little one to the thrilling sport of baseball. A lot of little leagues offer a laidback autumn season where kids can learn the rules with less competition than the spring season. Tee ball is also a fun option for younger children. Baseball helps to improve communication skills as players have to be able to collaborate well whether they’re a pitcher or outfielder. Amplify the games of catch you played with a baseball glove in the park by signing them up for fall ball. And don’t forget that Love Your Gear offers professional baseball glove cleaning and baseball hat cleaning

Kids playing soccer


Although gymnastics isn’t a team sport it has a lot of advantages for children. There are the physical benefits from increased flexibility, strength and agility as well as the confidence gained from being able to execute a trick properly. There is additionally a certain concentration and focus that comes with learning gymnastics. These skills will transfer over to other aspects of your child’s life and stay with them.

Boy doing gymnastics

Flag Football

Flag football, like fall ball, is essentially a pared down version of football. It has fewer confusing rules, less start and stop action and hopefully less injuries. It’ll teach your younger children the basics of football in a fun way in case they want to play later in life. Kids will learn impeccable hand-eye coordination and let out energy by running up and down the football field. They’ll also develop basic strategizing skills by learning different plays from their coach. It’s a win-win.

kids playing flag football


Basketball is another simple sport that is appropriate for all ages. It’s a great teambuilding sport and can be played either indoors or outdoors depending on the time of year. Dribbling and passing while running up and down the court is no easy task. Basketball involves incredible balance and coordination as well as endurance. We highly recommend signing up your child for the sport

Signing your child up for sports is valuable for a variety of reasons. Always check in with them to monitor their interest in the activity. If they don’t like the sport after one season, sign them up for another one the following year. Switching up the sports they play ensures they enjoy what they’re doing and maximizes the number of skills they’ll develop.

If you’ve signed your children up for sports that require a lot of sporting equipment, don’t risk ruining the gear by attempting to clean it yourself at home. Bring their gear or uniforms to Love Your Gear and allow our experienced staff to deodorize it and clean it for you thoroughly. Contact us today to find out more about our services.