How to Buy Football Equipment

Football season officially kicked off at the start of September, and thousands of North Americans will be tuning in to exciting NFL games over the next several months. Plenty of players will also be gearing up to play the sport in their own respective leagues. If you’re a football player or parent that’s in this exact predicament, you’re probably in the process of gathering all the gear needed for this tactile sport.

Buying the proper football gear is no easy feat – there’s a lot to consider and several pieces of equipment that are absolute musts. That’s why we’ve decided to lend a helping hand to our fellow football lovers and make today’s blog a guide on buying football equipment!

football team

The Helmet

The helmet is probably the most important piece of football equipment you will purchase. It is the only thing that protects players from heat wounds, fractures, and, worst of all, concussions. Since this gear plays such a significant role in the safety of players, it’s vital to make sure the fit is just right.

In general, football helmets should sit half an inch to an inch above your eyebrow. Your helmet should fit snugly, but not bee too tight. An excellent way to test whether your helmet fits right is to shake your head and check if your forehead has a red mark on it after wearing the helmet. If your helmet moves around a lot when you shake your head, it’s too big. If it barely moves at all and you’re left with a red mark after using it, it’s too small.

Football helmets also come with two notable accessories – facemasks and chinstraps. Depending on your position on the field, the shape of facemasks vary, but a rule of thumb to follow is that your facemask should be two to three finger-widths away from where your nose ends. In terms of chinstraps, they tend to be made of plastic, and you can pick whether you’d like a gel or foam lining. Regardless of your preference, it’s important always to make sure your chin strap is easily adjustable!

football helmet

Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads absorb some of the shock of impact that can happen during a game, and they help to regulate players’ body temperatures. This piece of equipment comes in many different models, but what really matters when it comes to shoulder pads is the fit. To ensure a good fit, wear just a t-shirt when you’re trying out shoulder pads and perform movements that you commonly use in your position. Check that the collar is half an inch from your neck and doesn’t pinch you when you raise your arms, the body of the shoulder pad reaches an inch past the edge of your shoulder bone, your arches meet evenly in the front and back, and you have full chest and back coverage.

Shoulder pads on football field

Football Pants

The majority of football pants are built with seven pads that are there to protect you in areas that tend to take a hit on the field. Like other pieces of equipment, football pants come in various forms. Integrated football pants come with built-in pads, while other varieties require separate pads to be purchased that either snap on or slip in. In order to do their job properly, football pants should fit the areas they are intended to protect – the knee pads should cover your knee caps, the thigh pads should cover most of your thigh, the hip pads should cover your hip bones, and the tailbone pad should be right over your tailbone.


Football cleats make all the difference in your overall performance on the field, so selecting a pair that suits you should be a top priority. Cleats come in low top, mid-top, and high top styles. When choosing which of these three to go for, ankle support should be top of mind. Mid and high top styles provide more support without hindering movements, while low cut cleats provide less support but are more lightweight. Be on the lookout for cleats that contain composite plastic bottoms, as they have a high level of durability and can withstand quick movements.

football cleats

You’ll be well equipped to perform your best on the field this season if you put the tips we’ve outlined into practice. And if you need to get your gear cleaned after your fair share of games, we’ve got you covered there too! At Love Your Gear, we offer top-of-the-line football gear cleaning services that get rid of all odours and bacteria, guaranteed. Contact us today to get a free quote!